About the blog

Idea at Time is my first public blog. It is born of my exuberant need to play with writing and my want to share thoughts on various conceptions.

I won’t try to sell you anything, nor pretend that I’m the master of a given subject. Many topics will lay widely outside my field of expertise and might have scarcely anything to do with what I do professionally.

This blog is my very personal enterprise with a major goal to explore various ideas, one at a time and share my take on them. I’ll try to use the lens of other’s criticism, hopefully constructive (and any), to enrich my understanding of things.

Kindly note, this blog represents my personal opinions. It is not in any way connected to any company or institution I’m cooperating with or working for. If for any reason this site becomes a source of any controversy I’m taking full responsibility.

Stay tuned!
Tomasz Pieszczurykow

PS: There’s also a non-public part of the blog, available here. Reach out and if I like the reasoning – I’ll give away the key. Note this part will mostly be written in Polish.